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Compiled by Facility Executive Staff
From the December 2023 Issue

From computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) to enterprise asset management (EAM) software, these work order management solutions will help you manage and maintain your facility efficiently.

Work Order Management SolutionsFiix
By Rockwell Automation

Rockwell Automation’s Fiix is a cloud-based, AI-powered computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) designed for work order management, tracking and optimizing asset performance, and collecting and analyzing maintenance data. Its work order software allows users to design, submit, and respond to work request forms, including automating inspection-type tasks to work orders for audit inspections and follow-up activities as needed. The dashboard features a centralized calendar for teams so that tasks can be monitored, work can be assigned directly into a technician’s calendar, and work order details can be viewed, including priority, status, and maintenance type. Users can also upload and edit multiple work orders from a CSV file. Fiix’s asset management tools allow users to view, analyze, and act on all equipment information in one central dashboard through mobile or desktop. Data can be filtered by project, asset, time period, and user. This includes asset performance, maintenance costs, and compared metrics across sites through real-time KPIs.

FastMaint CMMS v.13, SMGlobal FastMaint CMMS v.13
By SMGlobal

SMGlobal’s FastMaint CMMS v.13 is a computerized maintenance management software program that can be used to schedule and manage planned maintenance and repairs of industrial equipment and commercial facilities. It allows maintenance managers to schedule preventive and corrective maintenance work, send work orders to the maintenance staff on their mobile phones, receive feedback, and track the progress of all outstanding and completed jobs. FastMaint automatically schedules maintenance activities based upon dates, meter readings, emergency conditions, or any criteria that the maintenance planner specifies.

It can be used for on-site maintenance or field service management and also has enterprise asset management features to track equipment and facilities, inventory management, and maintain supplier records for ordering spares and equipment. Users can create work order templates as well as insert pictures, and link their work orders to outside supporting documents.

FastMaint is available for a monthly subscription or a one-time license fee, and in four editions to accommodate company size and scalability.

Work Order Management SolutionsDematic Sprocket EAM
By Dematic

Dematic Sprocket by Dematic is a cloud-based Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software that provides inventory control, preventive maintenance, reporting and analytics, and capital asset management. It optimizes asset performance to reduce downtime and maximize capital investments and can be used to schedule maintenance tasks and track work orders to improve operational efficiency, trim costs, and monitor compliance. As an EAM system, Dematic Sprocket tracks asset location, condition, maintenance history, and other critical information. It features a user-friendly interface that is simple and intuitive with software that can integrate seamlessly with other enterprise systems in a facility aimed at increasing productivity and reliability.

The program starts during implementation. A Dematic consultant guides users through data collection and clean-up to validate data integrity and continues to work with them through site configurations and training throughout the process. After a site is up and running, Dematic is there to provide advice and complete service support.

Work Order Management Solutions

Tracer Ensemble, Version 6.5
By Trane

Trane’s Tracer Ensemble, version 6.5 is a web-enabled, enterprise-wide building management system that provides 24-hour secure, remote access to monitor and troubleshoot building systems using a phone, tablet, or computer in any location. The system integrates data from all building equipment to manage building comfort and efficiency through simple dashboards, reporting and scheduling. Tracer Ensemble’s built-in asset management application collects corrective and preventive maintenance work orders from tenants and puts them directly into Tracer Ensemble for prioritization, scheduling and tracking by facility staff.

Tracer Ensemble is available in three scalable installation options to meet various business needs and budgets and features cloud-based (SaaS) installs for backups, and upgrades. The newest version features BACnet Secure Connect for additional security, managed networks, and third party device interoperability. In addition, BACnet/SC eliminates the need for IPSec Tunnels in Ensemble Cloud sites.

Connected Operations Cloud, Limble And SamsaraConnected Operations Cloud
By Limble And Samsara

KLimble’s and Samsara’s integrated Connected Operations Cloud enables customers to bring data from their IoT sensors into their CMMS. With this integration, customers across construction, transportation, warehousing, manufacturing, logistics, and other industries can automate the creation of preventative as well as predictive maintenance tasks and streamline reporting in a single, closed-loop system for all maintenance workflow needs. Specifically, the integration provides sensor-based task creation where real-time sensor data automatically triggers preventive maintenance tasks, eliminating the need to manually check sensors to determine whether maintenance is required. It also enables synced work orders so that when a Samsara maintenance event is created, a new work order is automatically created in Limble. Similarly, closing a work order in Limble automatically closes the event in Samsara. The program also features connected dashboards where updates made in one system are reflected across both Limble and Samsara, reducing duplicate data entry, errors, and inconsistencies.

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