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The Heart Of Building Management

As an editor, my job is to get to the heart of a story — what the audience really wants to know. Now, data management isn’t all that different; we think of data as numbers, but these facts and figures mean nothing if they’re not being collected on a frequent, consistent, and accurate basis. Without technology to interpret this data, facilities can be easily overloaded with information that can be difficult to organize. Every piece of data about a building effectively tells its story. As facility executives, your role requires you to know your buildings’ story, and to ensure that it’s a good one. To know your own story, you need the right data at your disposal.

This issue, sponsored by AkitaBox, takes you through the data lifecycle, and touches on the numerous ways having a standardized data management software can make all the difference for your buildings—from tracking greenhouse gas emissions to mitigating labor shortage challenges.

Facilities management professionals have so many responsibilities on their plate, but having the right data on hand and available is the foundation for success in this industry.

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AkitaBox, Data-driven Facilities
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