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Compiled by Facility Executive Staff
From the February 2024 Issue


From ceiling panels and grid covers to wall coverings and privacy screens, these ceiling and wall products will help make your facility beautiful and comfortable for occupants.

Ceiling and Wall ProductsUltima Templok
By Armstrong

Ultima Templok ceiling panels integrate Phase Change Material (PCM) with mineral fiber to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions by as much as 15%. Installing Ultima Templok panels in large surface areas of a given space supports improved thermal stability, reduced heating and cooling needs, and more efficient HVAC operation, making the space more sustainable and resilient. The PCM in Ultima Templok helps to moderate temperature by passively storing and releasing heat in response to fluctuations in real time. Heat transfers naturally in and out of the ceiling panels as the air temperature above and below them warms up and falls, respectively due to heat absorption typically occurring during the day when a space is occupied and releasing at night when the building is unoccupied. In addition, the panels support higher Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) by enabling improved thermal comfort, fitting the WELL Building Standard and contributing energy and atmosphere credits for LEED.

Picture & Intervals by DUCHATEAUPicture & Intervals

DUCHATEAU’s Pictura and Intervals wall covering collections are inspired by arts and architectural history. The Intervals Collection offers the beauty of the slat statement with subtler dimension and lighter weight. A felt backing insulates sound and deepens the contrast in its visual impact. It is offered in 15” wide panels with heights of 58”, 108”, and 119”, and a depth of 7/8”. The Pictura Collection is inspired by De Pictura, principles penned by Renaissance artist Leon Battista Alberti for creating perspective. Four styles delve into the interplay of light and shadow, creating depth and dimension through modern interpretations of space, form, and beauty. Each style in the Pictura collection is offered in 7.5” wide panels with a height of 75.5”. Both Intervals and Pictura feature lacquer-finished wood visuals in five colors; Soft White, Natural (based on the aging process of white oak), Raw Walnut, Darkened Walnut, and Noir.

Gent, Figure, & Savannah By Porcelanosa TilesGent, Figure, & Savannah
By Porcelanosa Tiles

Porcelanosa released three new wall tile collections, Gent, Figure, and Savannah. Gent is a collection of wood-looking ceramic tiles that are available in several designs, multiple colors and three finishes, including standard, polished or matte. Figure offers mosaic designs with neutral tones and a matte finish that allows the natural texture of the stone to shine. Figure can be installed as flooring or wall tiles in high traffic commercial spaces. The geometric figures and motifs found in the Figure Collection create dynamic mosaics with different shapes including shells, Shell Dark and Shell Light, and spirals, Spiral Dark and Spiral Light. Savannah is a stone-inspired series for both walls and floors, offering a natural, relaxed esthetic. Part of the STON-KER series, a ceramic stone that simulates the texture, appearance, and durability of limestone or slate, it’s suitable for both interiors and exteriors. Available in three base colors; Topo (taupe), Acero (steel) and Caliza (limestone).

Ceiling and Wall ProductsEZ-On Ceiling Grid Covers
By Ceilume

Ceilume’s EZ-On Drop Ceiling Grid Covers are designed to enhance the appearance of suspended grid ceilings. Made by the manufacturer of Ceilume ceiling tiles and panels, these snap-on vinyl strips cover stained, yellowed, or damaged grids, updating a tired ceiling at a fraction of the time and cost of painting or replacement. Although grids are mostly made in white or black, the EZ-On colors feature Mist, Oat, Jasper, Garnet, and Onyx alongside the popular White, to open design possibilities.

The system installs rapidly on grids with 15/16 in. (1 in. nominal) flanges. Snap-on installation means no adhesives, tools or special training are required, and no pre-cleaning is needed. Grid covers for a 400-square foot room could be installed by one person in about an hour, with no need to remove ceiling tiles. Made from 100% recyclable rigid vinyl, they are non-yellowing, maintenance-free, easy to clean with soap and water, and resist mold growth.

Ceiling and Wall ProductsEchoScreen By Kirei

Kirei’s EchoScreen acoustic privacy screens showcase sophisticated designs with smooth contours, captivating cutouts, integrated printing, and eye-catching bevels, offering various design possibilities. Featuring seven designs—Hexa, Ellipse, Flow, Fifty3, Coral, Current, and Fizz—each screen is crafted to offer space division and sound control. From etched lines, sleek cutouts, negative space, layered pops of color, to ocean waves, each design offers a different aesthetic.

Any screen can be installed with standard EchoScreen hardware or Kirei’s rolling track, a flexible privacy solution for dynamic spaces. EchoScreen products can also be custom printed with any custom color, pattern, graphic, or material using Kirei Ink, Kirei’s in-house printing service. Each EchoScreen is crafted from Class A Fire Rated 12mm or 24mm PET felt panels made from 60% post-consumer recycled PET with numerous environmental certifications, including Declare Label (Red List Free), EPD, HPD, and Low-VOC to help projects earn LEED and WELL credits.

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