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Compiled by the Facility Executive Staff
From the August 2023 Issue


Consider this assortment of security products to help keep your facility safe and secure for occupants and visitors.

Niō Guardian and Protector Solution By iDter Niō Guardian and Protector Solution
By iDter

End-users and systems integrators can take advantage of Power over Ethernet (PoE) connectivity in the Niō Guardian and Protector automated deterrence 4K HD camera solution by iDter.

iDter’s Niō Guardian and Protector technology features artificial intelligence (AI) deep learning and infrared night vision to detect in real-time and is proven to foil 98% of intrusions, within seconds and without delays or costs from human intervention. Building owners and property managers, heavy and construction equipment distributors, automobile dealerships/fleets, and commercial properties with open-air assets can put an end to unwanted intrusions, loitering and theft.

The iDter system is simple to install and configure. It leverages the latest cloud and edge video storage capabilities as well as video verified monitoring with dispatch to PSAP for active, 24/7 detection. iDter products are fully NDAA compliant, ETL listed, FCC certified and carry an IP-65 environmental rating. iDter’s Niō Guardian and Protector solution meets the latest PoE standards, including IEEE 802.3bt (PoE++) and IEEE 802.3at (PoE+) with 90-watt injector.

Security Products, Security Film by School Shield Security FilmSecurity Film
By School Shield Security Film

School Shield Security Film’s security film, which ranges from eight to 21 millimeters in thickness, can be installed and anchored on existing doors and windows, making those glass surfaces virtually impenetrable. The film is meant to withstand forced entry via gunshots and other weapons (baseball bats, bricks, crowbars, etc.) and gives schools time to implement lockdown procedures and alert authorities in the event of an active shooter situation.

Though the security film is not bulletproof, it does make glass splash-proof, meaning that shattered glass will not penetrate the film. Security film creates a significant barrier to forced entry by a potential bad actor and is a lower-cost alternative to bulletproof glass. Unlike bulletproof glass, installing security film is a simple retrofitting process that does not require removal or replacement of existing glass doors and windows.

Visitor Aware By Singlewire Software Visitor Aware
By Singlewire Software

Singlewire Software acquired Visitor Aware, a robust tool for visitor and student management. Visitor Aware provides schools and other organizations with the tools to screen visitors so they can identify threats before unwanted guests gain access to sensitive areas. Visitors have their IDs scanned when they enter a building. That information is used in conjunction with encrypted facial recognition to screen visitors against national sex offender and government watchlists and active legal injunctions. Potential issues are flagged to prevent guests from further entering a building, and approved guests are given a printed pass so they can proceed.

Visitor Aware also offers tools for volunteer management, tardiness tracking, secure student release and pick-up, rostering and reunification, and setting up a tip line for potential threats.

Door Light
By The Heads Up Lock Company

The Heads Up Lock Company introduced indicator signs/locks to show occupancy from a distance. It can be seen up to 300 ft. away. But more importantly, it allows increased critical information to faculty, law enforcement, and emergency crews. It provides schools with added safety if first responders need immediate information regarding the status of a room’s occupancy in real time.

Security Products, Door Light By The Heads Up Lock CompanyIt consists of a smart deadbolt lock that electronically gives awareness to folks outside if a room is locked or unlocked. If the light is red, the room is locked. If the light is green, it is unlocked. It needs no maintenance after installation. If the power is lost, it will automatically re-set itself when the power comes back on. The patented and affordable device can be installed by any qualified handyman.

Aside from the safety aspect, there are other benefits to installing the Heads Up Lock, such as the added convenience to faculty and staff of knowing if single-stall restrooms are occupied.

Security Products, Command Product Platform by VerkaCommand Product Platform
By Verkada

Verkada’s Command product platform expanded with new and enhanced video search capabilities, integration with ASSA ABLOY, and additional capabilities for Verkada Intercom. New updates include:

  • Enhanced video search, video quality, and video management features, including a novel motion search with trajectory analysis and H.265 compression technology that unlocks up to 2X video quality across all cameras;
  • Verkada’s next-generation Indoor Mini Dome camera and expanded Dome camera line, with increased storage capacity, image quality, and analytics performance for the Mini Dome and new CD32 and CD32-E camera models that extend Verkada’s Dome camera line range from 3MP to up to 4K in resolution;
  • Verkada’s next-generation Alarm Console, with an integrated camera, talk-down speaker, and wireless sensor hub;
  • Expanded capabilities for Verkada’s Intercom, allowing organizations to also use it as a single-door controller and a talk down speaker;
  • A singular Workplace product license for Verkada Guest and Mailroom, making it even more affordable to streamline admin workflows and increase the security of the people and packages coming through buildings.

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