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From the December 2023 Issue


Determined to offer faster shipping times to customers nationwide, Legrand, a leader in electrical, digital infrastructure, and connected solutions, set out to build a new distribution and operations facility in Dayton, OH.

“Dayton has extensive opportunities for growth,” says Patty Harris, Senior Director of Logistics for Legrand North America. “We reviewed many available sites to find the best location and developer partner to build this site. We looked at multiple areas surrounding Dayton from Columbus [all the way] to Cincinnati.”

The company found that Dayton offered the best sites, labor availability, and resources to support its new facility. As for a developer partner, Legrand choose to work with NorthPoint Development to help with the facility’s design and development. According to Harris, grants from Dayton and the State of Ohio also helped support this project.

“Legrand continues to look at options to improve cost and service. This location has an expansion capacity of another 400,000 square feet which we hope to grow into over the next several years.”

— Patty Harris, Senior Director of Logistics, Legrand North America

Legrand invested in the construction of a state-of-the-art 625,000 square-foot distribution center — fully equipped with the latest technology and equipment to increase production and maintain quality control.

“The team faced several construction delays based on supply chain disruptions,” says Scott Wilson, Interim Director of the Dayton Facility. “NorthPoint worked creatively to resolve issues and deliver the building on track. This included adjustments to the roofing materials and rewiring needed power the facility even though all components had not arrived on schedule.”

“In 2023, the team deployed scanning technology that is standard in other Legrand facilities,” said Wilson. “In 2024, the Legrand team will add conveyance and sortation to drive productivity and improve quality through overhead scanning. The team also decided to implement auto-positioning turret trucks to reduce travel and ensure selection from proper locations.”

Legrand Distribution Facility
Legrand’s new, state-of-the-art 625,000-square-foot distribution center in Dayton, Ohio. (Photo: Provided by Legrand)

The new distribution and operations facility has and will continue to provide over 200 new jobs to the Dayton area, with Legrand hiring for positions ranging from production and warehouse to office and management roles.

The new facility also features the company’s own creations, including architectural and industrial lighting, automated window shades, electrical wiring, and wire management devices, a data room, and technologies from the brand’s AV division.

The new distribution center is also focused on minimizing its environmental impact. The building is on track to receive its Green Globes Level One Certification from the Green Building Initiative, and its central location in the U.S. will help efficiently reduce freight and carbon emissions. According to the Green Building Initiative, Green Globes is a “three-in-one building rating system that evaluates environmental sustainability, health and wellness, and resilience of commercial facilities.”

Some of the environmental objectives of this certification include lowering energy and water bills, reducing emissions, optimizing health and wellness benefits and minimizing waste.

“The Dayton location is at the cross-roads of many interstates reducing overall miles and carbon emissions as we reach our customers,” according to Wilson.

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Beyond ensuring the new distribution center benefits the community of Dayton and the planet, Legrand is highly focused on making sure this new facility will improve their offerings for current and future customers looking for electrical and digital infrastructure solutions.

“Legrand continues to look at options to improve cost and service,” says Harris. “This location has an expansion capacity of another 400,000 square feet which we hope to grow into over the next several years.”

As for facility managers looking to improve their manufacturing facilities or are embarking on a similar project, the Wilson had this advice to share:

“Legrand partnered with a developer that was equally committed to our business success was critical in the opening of the facility. Ramping up quickly requires a solid staffing and training plan to ensure process compliance and reduce service impacts to the customers.”

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