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facilities management challenges

While the world has seemingly moved on from Covid, many industries are still reeling from the pandemic’s disruptions.

In higher ed and commercial real estate, occupancy and space usage have not returned to pre-Covid levels. In healthcare and K-12, facilities have been overworked and under maintained for the past 4 years. These situations have created a slew of issues that fall squarely on the shoulders of facility executives.

Whether it’s too much or too little space utilization, losing experienced staff to retirement, or struggling with energy inefficiency, any one of these issues could be a death knell for organizations. Facility executives need solutions — and fast.

Ken Dehkes, Associate VP for Facility Services at Hamline University, and Josh Lowe, Co-Founder and Chief Solution Engineer of AkitaBox, team up to highlight strategies for solving the top 5 challenges facilities teams face today.

Join us for this webinar and learn about:

  •  Space utilization: Is your building portfolio right-sized? How do you analyze space use and make the right decisions? How do you align your existing spaces to best deliver on the organization’s mission?
  • Operations: Organizations must prepare for tomorrow’s needs using yesterday’s infrastructure. Do you know the true, real cost of your current operations? How do you plan for the future of your industry in a post-Covid world?
  • Asset & energy management: Asset strategy and energy efficiency go hand-in-hand. Investing in energy efficient assets is expensive, but so are outdated, energy-hogging assets. At what point should you upgrade your energy infrastructure?
  • Staffing: Every lost employee means lost institutional knowledge. How do you reduce knowledge loss? How do you make your remaining staff more efficient?
  • Securing budget: Tired of feeling like you’re standing naked in front of your board begging for money? How do you ensure the facilities team is getting a big enough slice of a shrinking pie?


Facilities Management Challenges, Budget Cuts
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Death By A Thousand Cuts:
5 Facilities Management Challenges Bleeding Facilities Budgets Dry

DATE: June 20, 2024

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