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Johnson Controls' Verasys 5.0 BAS
Johnson Controls’ Verasys 5.0 BAS

Johnson Controls unveiled its latest version of the Verasys Building Automation System (BAS), Verasys 5.0, which delivers cloud-enabled remote connectivity to provide a highly connected and secure solution.

Verasys features smart equipment and advanced technology to provide a BAS for the light commercial to mid-market buildings that is predictive, proactive, and preventative. An easy to configure BAS that integrates HVAC, refrigeration, energy management, lighting, and related building systems, Verasys reduces system architecture complexity while providing cloud-connected remote connectivity.

Designed for the needs of light commercial to mid-market buildings bundled with rooftop systems, the Verasys System leverages more than 100 years of industry experience to provide a building controls system that will improve the comfort of a building’s occupants, reduce energy costs and protect HVAC equipment.

Verasys 5.0 offers several features and benefits:

Simplified, Cloud-Enabled Remote Connectivity 

Verasys 5.0 offers a cloud-enabled new Smart Building Hub (SBH) Hardware (SBH300) providing many benefits to the system user, including web-based remote connectivity, direct product support via Verasys technical support services and over-the-air firmware updates to continually provide new enhancements and bug fixes without manual effort by the user.

Cybersecurity Via Zero Trust Technology

Verasys 5.0 is Johnson Controls’ first BAS engine to help secure a building’s data from edge to cloud with the zero trust technology​, leading to the creation of an always-on and software-defined security perimeter. This helps protect device-to-device, device-to-cloud and device-to-user interactions. 

Service Contractor Interface (SCI)

A new interface for contractors servicing multiple Verasys installations via the mobile app increases efficiency and reduces costs via centralized dispatching, improved alarm resolution guidance, easy to access diagnostics and troubleshooting information and auto-generated PDF service summaries. It functions as a tool for mechanical contractors looking to build a service business, as SCI allows for remote and proactive service on rooftop equipment.  

In addition:

  • Verasys is system agnostic and can work with all brands of building equipment.
  • Verasys offers Configurable Commissioning – automatic identification of controllers as well as set-up of trends and alarms, which is ideal for contractors who do not require a complex BAS
  • No special licensing or software is needed to access the building’s data.
  • Over-the-air (OTA) firmware updates provide the latest features, bug fixes, and security patches on Johnson Controls commercial rooftops equipment (under 80 tons)
  • Includes an extended three-year equipment warranty when bundled with new Johnson Controls manufactured Commercial Rooftops
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