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Throughout 2024, each month USGBC will once again select one or two education courses about specific aspects of green building that will be free for that month only. For the month of January, you can take advantage of a free course on using materials with low embodied carbon in LEED v5.

embodied carbon
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Beyond 101: Making Embodied Carbon Actionable—A Joint Research Report by RMI and USGBC

View a free course on LEED v5’s approach to using materials with low embodied carbon.
  • 1 Continuing Education (CE) credit
  • Intermediate Level
  • Created by USGBC for Greenbuild 2023
  • Format: Webinar

Course description

Bold steps are necessary to strategically decarbonize high-impact materials from building structures, enclosures and finishes. This webinar will share results of a new research partnership between and USGBC that seeks to expedite market transformation toward materials with low embodied carbon.

In this webinar, USGBC and RMI share findings and engage in a dialogue about the current and future state of embodied carbon of building materials. Also, leaders from the LEED Materials & Resources Technical Advisory Group (TAG) provide the TAG’s perspective on embodied carbon in LEED v5. Speakers share how the new rating system is doubling-down on embodied carbon for new buildings and commercial interiors. The TAG also shares how the USGBC-RMI research helped inform the credits addressing embodied carbon in LEED v5. This is a high-energy hour focused on the current and future slashing of embodied carbon from construction materials.

Recorded September 27, 2023 at the Greenbuild International Conference and Expo.


  1. Hear new insights into embodied carbon research from RMI and USGBC.
  2. Learn how LEED v5 is addressing embodied carbon and how it has shifted from credits like MR Credit: Building Life-Cycle Impact Reduction in LEED v4.1 BD+C.
  3. Understand the impacts that buildings can have on lowering climate emissions from embodied carbon, for use in MR credits like Environmental Product Declarations.
  4. Learn how circularity, reuse and advanced materials can cut carbon, such as those rewarded in the MR credit Sourcing of Raw Materials.

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