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Compiled by Facility Executive Staff
From the February 2024 Issue


Check out this assortment of energy metering products that will help you monitor and improve your facility’s energy efficiency.

Stratus IQSensus Stratus IQ+
By Xylem

The Sensus Stratus IQ+ enables utility distribution system management and improved customer engagement as utilities prepare for EV charging growth. Its powerful processor and expanded data set options allow utilities to pull full system diagnostics, giving a robust health check of distribution systems and heightened awareness of customer electricity usage.

The Stratus IQ+ meter combines grid intelligence and precise energy measurement by monitoring energy consumption in near-real time, and advanced functionalities allowing for that data to be recorded, transmitted and received with only a keystroke. This smart meter also features EV-based detection through AI algorithms that extract battery EV charging data in seconds through edge computing. The consumption data enables utilities to better plan for capacity and off-peak incentive program management. It also has an expansion card slot for future computing capacity with communication networks such as cellular, Wi-Fi or both.

energy metering products, StarlineM70 CPM
By Starline

Starline’s third generation of Critical Power Monitor products, the M70 CPM, is designed to achieve greater energy efficiency than its predecessors. It is equipped with a comprehensive breadth of features including a first-of-its-kind temperature monitoring technology, audible alarms and a pivoting display for easy visual access. It also boasts an extensive communications protocol offering LED and LCD displays for real-time visual data reference and the ability to configure it with DCIM and BMS packages for quick deployment. In addition to the added features and functionality, significant changes have been made to aid in speed, robustness, and ease of implementation. Other key benefits of the M70 CPM include; Single-, two- and three-phase power outlet monitoring; measured neutral; optional Wi-Fi capability; daisy-chain Ethernet and Modbus standard on all versions; AC or DC versions; circuit breaker position sensing; end feed lug temperature monitoring; enhanced security features; and access to advanced features and a wide array of built-in alarms.

EnerSavingsM&V Tool
By EnerSavings

The Measurement and Verification (M&V) tool from EnerSavings provides a comprehensive solution to measure, analyze, and verify energy-saving initiatives. A month prior to energy efficiency upgrades, EnerSaving’s engineers will install CT transponders in your building, capturing pre-installation data to establish a baseline for comparison. Not only does this energy meter detect energy-saving opportunities but also addresses potential issues such as water leaks or abnormal spikes in electricity consumption, enabling building owners to take corrective measures, preventing resource wastage and optimizing consumption.

The significance of precise measurement gains added weight considering government regulations, particularly Vancouver’s Climate Emergency Action Plan (CEAP). This plan sets the goal of zero-emission buildings by 2030 and introduces stringent regulations, including carbon pollution limits and mandatory reporting. EnerSavings ensures compliance with these regulations, providing businesses with a reliable means to meet the impending mandatory reporting requirements.

energy metering products, VerifEyeVerifEye Series 7000
By Leviton

The VerifEye Series 7000 submetering family line features Advanced 3-Phase Submeters and 24-Circuit Advanced Branch Circuit Monitors to meet additional applications and provide a versatile power metering solution for commercial and industrial applications. The line is a functional solution for high density and branch circuit monitoring applications in both new construction and retrofit applications. Their ease of integration ensures that the full complement of data points is immediately captured and made available. The submetering line is designed for real-time power monitoring, energy allocation, energy management, load monitoring, code compliance and tenant submetering. Facility managers can easily monitor current, voltage, instantaneous power, demand and energy consumption of each monitored circuit.

The Series 7000 submeters support industry standard communications over RS485 and Ethernet, including ModBus RTU, ModBus TCP, BACnet MS/TP and BACnet IP for maximum flexibility. The family features models in wall mount enclosures and open frame models designed for integration into an electrical distribution panel.

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