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Compiled by Facility Executive Staff
From the December 2023 Issue

From software to pumps and compressors, these HVAC automation & controls products will help you run your facility efficiently and keep its occupants comfortable.

HVAC Automation & ControlsLG Device Builder Advantage 2.0

LG AC’s LG Device Builder Advantage 2.0 is software designed as a solution for building automation systems in the commercial air conditioning market and is offered exclusively to LG’s MultiSITE VM3 users. The software suite offers a library of pre-engineered LG variable refrigerant flow (VRF) template options to assist in streamlining the integration process of an entire building. The LG VRF Templates are built using interactive high-resolution graphics and pre-configured alarms, schedules, and trends that produce high system visibility, improved information flow, and expanded site control. The LG Device Builder Advantage 2.0 enables LG MultiSITE VM3 users to deploy a customized building management system by matching the LG VRF template options with on-site HVAC equipment, allowing scalability from single buildings to enterprise management sites.

Sanicondens Best Flat Condensate Pump Sanicondens Best Flat Condensate Pump
By Saniflo

Saniflo’s Sanicondens Best Flat condensate pump couples its pump with a neutralizer to prevent corrosion or discharge in water heaters or boilers. It is designed to ensure condensate waste does not linger inside or around the water heater or boiler, while the neutralizer removes the acidity that would corrode water and sewer pipes. The pump functions by moving condensate from the water heater or boiler through limestone granules in a tray to separate any waste, then neutralizing the acidic content in the condensate waste before it ever enters any piping. It is able to do this by boosting the pH of the acidic condensate before it is discharged into a drain line, thus preventing eventual corrosion.

The Sanicondens condensate pump was designed as a solution to energy saving, high efficiency, condensing water heaters which overall boast lower energy consumption and lower monthly costs, but as a result are subject to corrosion and waste damage.

HVAC Automation & ControlsDSG Compressor
By Danfoss

Danfoss’ DSG Compressor is designed specifically for low-pressure, low-GWP (global warming potential) refrigerants such as R1234ze without a major increase in compressor size. Single compressors are available from 20 to 40 tons of refrigeration and larger capacities are available in manifolded configurations to offer enhanced system design flexibility. The DSG platform has been designed so that the physical compressor size is virtually the same as with R410A. To achieve this, the entire compressor was designed to take advantage of all the available areas inside the compressor shell. It also has an intermediate discharge valve inside the compressor to improve part load capacity operation and energy efficiency.

The DSG Compressor provides chiller systems with a wide range of compressor capacities to support unit design requirements such as cooling air, cooling and reversible water, IT cooling air and water, and processing air and water to water chillers with positive temperatures. It also supports 100-600kW Hydronic Systems with single and dual refrigeration circuits.

NPF Hydro-Furnace NPF Hydro-Furnace
By Navien

Navien’s NPF Hydro-furnace is available in Upflow and Horizontal configurations and comes in two sizes of 60,000 BTU/h and 100,000 BTU/h that both boast 97.0% AFUE and meet the requirements of SCAQMD rule 1111 for Ultra-Low NOx performance.

The NPF uses dual stainless steel heat exchangers to heat water in an isolated compartment out of the airstream which provides sound-reduction and energy efficiency. The heated water is circulated through a hydronic coil which transfers the heat into the airstream for forced-air heating. The sealed combustion design allows heat delivery without significantly impacting humidity levels. Additionally, its variable capacity can modulate down to 15%.

An EZNav unit-mounted interface with built-in setup wizard provides steps for startup, configuration of air temperature and airflow, and diagnostics and troubleshooting. The NPF is compatible with most one- and two-staged thermostats and can be matched with any AC or heat pump system.

HVAC Automation & ControlsComfort Intelligent HVAC

KOVA’s Comfort Intelligent HVAC is an AI-powered HVAC system that aims to create comfortable environments based on a variety of inputs. Comfort leverages behavioral, environmental, and unit-specific occupancy inputs to learn, personalize, and optimize comfort and energy usage in each unique living environment while simultaneously predicting the least amount of power needed to optimize climate controls.

The HVAC product utilizes machine learning and a variable-speed compressor and fan in conjunction with an AI-driven processor to update system performance over time, simultaneously improving energy efficiency and minimizing the energy needed to meet heating or cooling loads, resulting in more than 30% energy savings. The onboard processor captures, analyzes, and learns from many diverse inputs including ambient temperature, humidity, occupancy, and day-to-day usage patterns.

The product is designed for quick installation with a wall-integrated sleeve and quick-connect mechanism situated between standard vertical stud walls. Standard thermostat controls and Bluetooth mesh connectivity are also available between units.

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