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Facility Executive June 2023 Issue (Volume 36, Number 3)

Editor’s Letter: Leading With Care

Jennifer GoetzIt’s impossible to ignore the growing mental health crisis in the United States. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, about one in five U.S. adults will experience a mental illness at some point in their lives. Protecting mental health, just like ensuring physical health and safety, is critical to creating a healthy and productive workforce.

One way to consider employee mental health is to think about how your workplace is designed. In this issue, we explore how workplace design is being used both to bring employees back to the office, and ensure their mental health and well-being.

Furthermore, we look at the top themes revolving around security and access control. Other topics covered include strategies for conducting conferences in the era of hybrid work, how daylight can impact employee productivity, how HVAC systems have evolved to better indoor air quality, and more.

While technology is an indisputable asset in today’s world, we have to remember our people are irreplaceable. Weekly check-ins, offering calming outdoor spaces, providing mental health resources are all ways facility executives can step up to support employees, while ensuring productivity.

How do you recognize your staff after a job well done? I’d love to hear your experiences on how you’re improving your organizations for stakeholders, patrons, and your staff. As always, I look forward to hearing from you.

Jennifer Goetz




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June 2023 Issue: Features

June 2023 Issue
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Tech And FM: Collaboration In The Conference App Era | How to ensure A/V technologies and meeting spaces are adequately supporting the hybrid workforce.

The HVAC Factor: The HVAC Evolution | See how HVAC technology has improved to better IAQ.

Moving Away From Batteries | An alternative style of IOT device power generation may ease a facility’s energy burden.

Human-Centric Workplace Design | In the post-pandemic era, designers and architects are taking a more mindful approach to workplace design. Plus, how biophilic design can support a healthy and productive workforce.

5 Security Themes For Facilities | Issues ranging from facility sustainability to workforce transformation are reshaping facility security.

The Importance Of Daylight In Commercial Buildings | Natural light supports wellness, boosts productivity, and can be used to save energy.

A Hospital Back In Balance | An automated solution streamlines water management.

Optimizing Energy In Data Centers | Sodium-ion batteries are emerging as a reliable, sustainable solution for data centers.

Fire Sprinkler Retrofits |  Building owners and facility managers are choosing to retrofit older facilities to be prepared for fire-related emergencies.

Preserving Parking Lots | Keeping intended use in mind is critical to maintain parking lots and structures.

A Modern Outlook For Senior Living Facilities | A senior living expert shares how these facilities are being designed in 2023.

Focus On: Cleaning Products | Energy Management | Windows/Window Films

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