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Facility Executive December 2023 Issue (Volume 36, Number 6)

Editor’s Letter: Keeping The Future In Focus

Jennifer GoetzWith another year in the books, facility management has continued to strive for excellence when it comes to creating and maintaining safe and healthy spaces. Facility executives always need to keep up with new codes, standards, and regulations, but they also have to consider new and innovative ways to improve the overall experience in their buildings.

In 2023, questions revolving around the evolution of hybrid and remote work continued; will all employees go back to the office, or is more flexible working here to stay? Ensuring employee productivity, engagement, and retention will continue to be in focus for 2024. To learn more about major focus areas for facility managers in 2023, check out the Year In Review column. In this issue, we also cover other FM topics that have been top of mind, including space utilization, IAQ monitoring, energy efficiency, and more.

Now, even though facility managers are often putting out fires left and right—it’s critical to carve out time to plan for the future. In addition to proactive maintenance, it’s just as important to have a detailed knowledge transfer plan in place in case a critical member of the FM team leaves. In this issue, we’ll explore how to pass down critical building information to successors.

Change is inevitable, but the facility management industry has proven to be resilient. Stay curious, focus on your people, processes, and technology, and keep an open mind—there may be new opportunities to improve on the horizon. Best of luck on the year ahead, and have a healthy and happy New Year!

Jennifer Goetz




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December 2023 Issue: Features

December 2023 Issue, Facility Executive
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Tech And FM: How Spatial Analytics Can Shape The Workplace | Human-centric spatial analytics are transforming the modern workplace into a dynamic, data-driven environment.

The HVAC Factor: A Key Defense Against Viral Transmission | IAQ monitoring can show air filtration and distribution system effectiveness in buildings with outdated infrastructure.

Hold Off On Renewables: Start With Energy Efficiency | Before jumping into an investment in renewables, first optimize your energy systems.

FM Profile: The Pursuit Of Excellence | A Facility Manager in higher education shares his experience in the FM industry and his priorities as a facilities leader.

5 Best Practices For Effective Stormwater Management | Explore tips on how to develop your stormwater plan.

Tackling Stormwater With Expanded Shale, Clay, and Slate | A grassroots solution to an environmental problem.

FM SOLUTIONS FOR 2024 | These innovative companies offer products and services designed to support facility managers in the coming year.

Setting Up For Succession | Facility executives and managers can’t neglect succession planning without risking business continuity and performance.

A Quick Look Back Before We Forge Ahead | An Editorial Advisory Board member recaps how the past twelve months have been for the facility management industry.

Future Proofing The Savings And Decarbonization Potential Of Facility Lighting | With new LED installations underway, now is the time to bring in LEDs that include controls.

Case Study: Innovation Takes Center Stage | A facility manager unwraps state-of-the-art technology in a new Cincinnati theater.

Creating A State-Of-The-Art Manufacturing Facility | A Senior Director of Logistics and Facility Manager share how Legrand’s new distribution facility came to Dayton, OH.


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