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Facility Executive December 2022 Issue (Volume 35, Number 6)

Editor’s Letter: What To Expect In 2023

Jennifer GoetzFacility management professionals have had to cope with significant change and transition these past few years. FMs have had to navigate handling hybrid and remote work, capital planning as a potential recession looms, and more while staying focused on keeping building occupants healthy and safe. Looking ahead, labor shortages, and a lack of skilled workers paired with more retirements, will be top of mind. In the midst of this winter’s “tridemic,” as COVID-19, RSV and flu cases have risen, the health and safety of buildings—particularly in regards to indoor air quality (IAQ) and cleaning protocols—will be a major focus in the new year.

Still, in spite of these challenges, facility management professionals have had to adapt before, and will rise to the occasion in the face of uncertainty. With increasing concerns, more facility managers are taking steps to improve their facilities through retrofits, new construction projects, or by changing their policies—ultimately improving operations and creating healthier spaces. This issue showcases how organizations have made an impact on buildings—whether by improving indoor air quality with new and improved ceilings and air conditioning units, or by implementing LED lighting controls. In addition, the FM 2023 Solutions section includes innovative products that can help support your goals in the new year.

The facility management industry is much more equipped to handle change after these past few years of transition, and there is so much potential for buildings to make significant improvements. Best of luck on the year ahead, and have a happy and healthy New Year!

Jennifer Goetz




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December 2022 Issue: Contents

Facility Executive December 2022 Issue
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Tech And FM: The Cost Of NOT Investing In IoT | To achieve FM goals, utilizing the Internet of Things is critical.

The HVAC Factor: Why Do HVAC Systems Lose Efficiency Over Time? | Effective preventative maintenance increases a HVAC system’s lifespan.

Developing A Plumbing Work Plan | Evaluate what steps to take to ensure plumbing systems are running efficiently and effectively.

Spotlight On FM 2023 Solutions | These innovative products will support facility management needs in the new year.

4 Steps To Maximize Employee Productivity And Safety | Manufacturers can take a people-centric approach to enhance productivity without sacrificing safety.

A Future That Puts Employees First | The workplace of the future is human-centric. Are you ready?

Getting “Schooled” In Indoor Air Quality | A charter school takes several measures to create a safe and healthy indoor environment for students and staff. Plus, how FMs can address IAQ concerns in 2023.

Energy Efficiency And Lighting Controls | How connected LED lighting controls can benefit small- to mid-sized businesses.

Balancing Open Design And Acoustic Privacy | See how a renovated bank enhanced its acoustic privacy with sliding doors.

How This Florida College Recovered From Hurricane Damage | The college needed flooding mitigation and a roof replacement after a devastating hurricane.

8 Roof Maintenance Tips For FMs | See what facility managers need to remember, including mistakes to avoid, for roof maintenance.

Focus On: HVAC | Fire Safety | Paints & Coatings

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