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Facility Executive April 2024 Issue (Volume 37, Number 2)

Editor’s Letter: Planning For The Unexpected

Jennifer GoetzFacility executives and managers must protect their people, assets, and their organizations’ reputations. It is paramount to the success of any organization, and it is why Facility Executive focuses on building security and safety amid workplace violence incidents, natural disasters, and other emergencies. Organizations also have to shield themselves from internal threats and risks to their operations. To account for these risks, many organizations can (and have to) develop a business continuity plan.

In this issue, we cover the importance of having comprehensive, detailed business continuity plans in Breaking Down Business Continuity. Ultimately, these plans help organizations and emergency managers plan for the unexpected–like a worldwide pandemic.

This issue also discusses managing facility management teams, another critical component of business continuity. Establishing lines of communication and preventing “silos” from forming within different departments can help prevent costly mistakes or discontent among staff.

Proper communication is critical for all organizations, as is continuous learning. The more you know about what can happen to other organizations, the more you can prepare for your organization to experience the same or a similar scenario. With that in mind, I encourage you to attend the Continuity Insights Management Conference from May 6-8 in Charlotte, NC. Over 50 educational sessions will cover the ins and outs of today’s top business continuity concerns and are geared toward senior-level management professionals. To learn more, visit continuityinsights.com/cimc.

Jennifer Goetz




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April 2024 Issue: Features

April 2024 Issue
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Tech And FM: Six Game-Changing Trends For Smart Spaces | These predictions explore the future of ‘Building Internet of Things’ and sustainable spaces.

The HVAC Factor: Clearing The Air And Improving IAQ | HVAC systems are the first line of defense when it comes to protecting building occupants from airborne pollutants.

5 Critical Parts Of Fire Safety | Explore commonly overlooked elements when it comes to fire safety and prevention.

FM Profile: Laying The Foundation For Success | Dawn Borden discusses her experience as a facility manager and her current role working alongside facilities as a project manager.

The Secret To Managing Diverse FM Teams | A team that is not effectively managed cannot deliver the services your organization needs. Plus, a facility manager discusses why developing a pattern of management has helped propel his buildings forward.

Breaking Down Business Continuity | Why facility executives and managers have to be actively involved in business continuity planning and training.

Climate-Resilient Healthcare Design: Five Key Strategies | Baptist Hospital Campus followed these steps to fortify its facilities from natural disasters.

Staying Ahead Of ADA Lawsuits | Executives can take steps to avoid litigation and maintain accessible spaces for all.

The Building Envelope: Down To A Fine Art | Five modern museums are preventing condensation and mold at building envelope penetrations.

Closing In On Net Zero | How organizations can use energy management software solutions to get closer to their net zero goals.

Product Focus | Building Automation, Flooring & Carpet

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