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Compiled by Facility Executive Staff
From the April 2024 Issue


These five building automation products help facility managers monitor energy usage, air quality, cybersecurity and more.

Building Automation ProductsDanfoss Introduces iC2 Micro Drive

Danfoss’ iC2 Micro Drive is a compact drive engineered to enhance an HVAC system’s reliability and efficiency. With all the functionalities of a full-featured unit, the drive is crafted to be easy and durable, allowing users to seamlessly integrate with existing drives and building automation systems. The compact and intelligent drive is tailored to optimize a wide range of applications like pumps and fans and is even capable of controlling permanent magnet motors. With the help of the drive’s 120 degrees Fahrenheit working temperature, coated printed circuit board, natural cooling, and a removable fan, the iC2 Micro Drive is capable of improving cooling efficiency and lowering energy consumption in harsh environments.

The Micro Drive also includes an LED display, status indicators, clear navigation buttons, and a built-in frequency setting potentiometer, providing remote monitoring, real-time data insights and predictive maintenance capabilities. It reduces system and operation costs through its compact design, side-by-side mounting and intuitive control panel.

Building Automation ProductsGuardian Air Sensor
By Nozomi

Nozomi Networks’ Guardian Air is a wireless spectrum sensor purpose-built for OT and IoT environments. Guardian Air monitors several prominent wireless frequencies, not just Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, to provide security teams with immediate visibility of connected sensors, devices, laptops and cell phones. With the addition of Guardian Air, customers have a comprehensive network solution all in one integrated platform.

With this product, IT security professionals and OT operators can continuously monitor prominent wireless frequency technologies used in OT and IoT environments including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, cellular, LoRaWAN, Zigbee, GPS, drone RF protocols, WirelessHART and more. This product also allows professionals to immediately detect wireless connected assets, gain asset information to quickly address unauthorized installations and detect wireless-specific threats, including brute force attacks, spoofing, and bluejacking, with the added ability to identify the location of the devices performing the attacks.

Building Automation ProductsChiller Solutions By Johnson Controls

Three chiller solutions by Johnson Controls received ISASecure Component Security Assurance (CSA) certification for cybersecurity in chiller automation and meet IEC 62443 standards for cybersecurity within industrial automation and control systems. Smart connected chillers can transform industrial operations through data-driven insights and predictive analytics. But these benefits can be quickly negated if critical systems are vulnerable to cyber threats. The chillers not only reduce downtime and operational threats within industrial applications, but are also protected by global cybersecurity standards to provide customers with peace of mind. By integrating ISASecure products into industrial applications, operators are able to reliably achieve safety compliance while spending less time and fewer resources updating equipment and software. The certification applies to the following YORK chiller solutions with the upgrade to the IntelliView display: YVAA Air-Cooled, Variable-Speed Drive Screw Chiller (Style A and Style B) and the YVFA Free Cooling Variable Screw Drive Air-Cooled Chiller.

Building Automation ProductsAncora’s Double Side Cooling GaN-FET

Ancora Semiconductor’s double-sided cooling GaN (Gallium Nitride) field-effect transistor passed a series of DMTBF (Demonstrated Mean Time Between Failures) tests, verifying that Ancora components maintain performance over long periods (200,000 hours). This product line has been incorporated into the XPG FUSION 1600W Titanium-grade power supply.

The dual-sided heat dissipation component, the FET-E6007PD020, not only facilitates top-side heat dissipation applications but also features characteristics such as reduced electrical-thermal coupling risks and enhanced heat dissipation efficiency. Its patented dual-sided heat dissipation structure effectively separates electrical and thermal elements, further addressing heat conduction issues in high-power products.
Furthermore, its unique packaging structure reduces parasitic inductance, enhancing the efficiency of power products and demonstrating performance in high efficiency, high density, high frequency, and temperature control. This product line’s performance meets the demands of advanced applications such as servers, AI (Artificial Intelligence), high-performance computing, medical, and networking.

Building Automation ProductsAdvance Control
For Buildings Platform
By Honeywell

Honeywell’s Advance Control for Buildings is a platform that features built-in cybersecurity, faster network speeds and technology to automate building management and provide the foundation for a building’s energy efficiency strategy. The platform was born out of the mounting pressures around safety, operational efficiency and energy efficiency buildings face today. In partnership with NXP Semiconductors N.V. and Analog Devices, Inc., Honeywell seeks to elevate machine learning and autonomous decision-making for enhanced energy management and convenience, as well as deliver more efficiency and increased intelligence through digital connectivity and advanced signal conversion across industrial applications.

The platform’s single-pair Ethernet (T1L) enables the possibility of reusing a building’s existing wiring, helping to reduce installation time, cost, and waste. It also leverages NXP processors that efficiently combine machine learning with advanced security technologies to protect sensitive building automation infrastructure.

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